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Concrete Repair
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I’m Joel, the owner of Northern Concrete Repairs, your leading professional in concrete repairs and sealing. We use a variety of products to ensure concrete repairs in Fredericton are done with quality workmanship and pass the test of time.

If you have damaged concrete or need concrete restoration services, we offer services in Fredericton and surrounding areas, such as the connecting cities of Oromocto, Hanwell, Keswick, Durham Bridge, and Kingsclear. We also provide services as a commercial contractor across New Brunswick. 

Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction because we know how important your building or home is. That’s why you can count on us to provide the best service and quality products to get the job done right the first time.

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Concrete Finishing

At Northern Concrete Repairs we focus on repairs like resurfacing, replacing crumbling concrete, concrete sealing, and stain removal. I have a long history in this industry that includes warranty work for subdivisions, parking garages, building foundation repairs, structural concrete, and other unique situations that have given me the expertise to meet new challenges with the right solution.

Concrete Repair Services

Your local Fredericton NB concrete specialist
concrete stain removal in fredericton nb

Concrete Stain Removal

In the past, we have run into many situations where concrete is stained or has oil marks on it from leaking cars, upset oil jugs, and gas jugs. We've also had to remove paint and deck stains from house and property improvements.

We have a product that can remove stains from concrete. Not every stain is the same and there are a lot of factors that come into play when working at removing these stains. Some of the concrete stain removal factors are:

  • The time it has been sitting in the concrete
  • Its exposure to outdoors or indoors
  • What the contaminate is, and so on…
Removing stains is a slow process and can take multiple attempts to remove the discoloration. When removing stains it is possible to see faint markings of where the stain occurred, but with that said, it is environmentally friendly.

Concrete Resurfacing

One of the common culprits to concrete needing to be resurfaced is salt corrosion. We make repairs on many surfaces such as:

  • Cement walkways
  • Cement pads
  • Stamped concrete
  • Cement patios
  • Concrete driveways
  • Cement parking pads
  • Sidewalks

All of these areas often see excessive salt to remove ice, once the ice melts the accumulated amount of salt begins eating away at the bonding chemicals that keep the cement intact.

We’ve also refinished cement curbs, retaining walls, and pre-fab stairs and decks. You can be sure that if it’s concrete – we can fix it.

If your concrete shows deterioration, give us a call for a free consultation and estimate!

concrete garage door threshold resurfacing in fredericton nb

Concrete Repairs and Sealing

Often when exposed to heavy traffic and weather, concrete slabs can deteriorate. Sometimes aging concrete will spall and pit, and pieces will break off. Using a concrete sealer, waterproofing sealer, or a combination of both can prolong the life of the slab and protect it for years to come.

If you’ve invested in a stamped concrete driveway or walkway, ensuring the cement is properly sealed is an excellent way to protect your investment.

If you have concrete where spalling or pitting has occurred, we can clean the surface and resurface the concrete to look like new. Broken-off pieces can be repaired and then the area can be resurfaced to give the appearance of new concrete.
concrete sealing and resurfacing in fredericton nb

Concrete Repair FAQs

Can I repair concrete myself?

Yes you can repair concrete yourself, but in most cases and for serious repairs you'll need the help of a professional who understands the proper methods and products that need to be used.

Can you repair concrete in the rain?

It is not recommended to repair concrete in the rain, even if it's a light drizzle. For best application, you'll want concrete repaired when it's warm and when the sun is out. Although in a controlled environment, a light drizzle of water does help the curing process in certain applications.

What causes cracks in stone walls?

Typically water is the issue. During the freeze and thaw cycle, water can start to penetrate small openings in bricks and stones. During each freeze the crack gets larger and larger.

I want my driveway sealed but I have stains on it, can they be removed?

It is possible to remove stains, it can take several attempts to achieve the desired look before the concrete driveway can be sealed and or waterproofed.

Can concrete be repaired in the winter?

Yes, concrete can be repaired in the winter. Although if repairing concrete outside, the concrete area would have to be heated for a period of time to ensure the best results. For exterior repairs, you'll want work performed between early May and late fall before the snow falls. Interior repairs can be performed all year round.
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The advantage of working with Northern Concrete Repairs is that we are locally owned in Fredericton and operate throughout New Brunswick. Our #1 goal is to repair your concrete and bring it back to its original state.

We use only the best products to ensure that you get quality and professional results. We also work with local distributors and suppliers to support our economy on a home basis.

Call Northern Concrete Repairs today and we'll connect you with an available concrete specialist.

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northern concrete repair, foundation and crack repairs
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